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My mother decided to invite herself to my interview and then brought my dad along, family day out! I couldn't really say no as I upset her the other day about graduation.

Also why did I not thing that they would ask me technical questions? I did sort of alright and they'll let me know by the end of the week. Which means by Monday I could have a proper job.
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I got tickets for a recording of topgear. What?
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This morning at 5.43, as the sun was rising and the birds began to sing, I finished my undergraduate degree in applied biomedical sciences and now (if I pass) I can be accredited by the IBMS and will have to try to find a job. I have an interview on Tuesday in Huntingdon and then one in Boston on the 27th, hopefully it might all work out :D
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Tonight we went out to eat with Danny's new boy, everyone loved him except for me it was very strange.

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I really should be writing an essay, but Dreamwidth is all shiny and new....
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um, I think there was just an earthquake and seeing as I live in Stoke this is quite unusual. Me and my house mate were just sitting in the living room and had no idea what was going on, was quite fun, having the whole house shaking :D
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wow, I'd forgotten how much I loved Captain Jack and the preview looks so good, also watching it in the warm with my mum extra good :D
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I'm back at uni now and this house is still as cold as it every was. I'd just forgotten what it was like to have to put like a million layers just to go upstairs, or out of my room. However I've forgotten loads of stuff from home, so I'll have to go back next weekend.

I've already had one exam, which went alright I think, just two more to go :D
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Well that's the first semester for my second year over, I am now about half way though my time at uni, give or take. Second year is so much harder, also you don't get to spend much time with people anymore, no midnight trips to tesco or 'select an save' for chocolate :D.

However there are several things to be excited about, you know apart from the obvious presents as I am still a big kid at heart and refuse to be a grown up, no matter that I am 19 now and supposed to be responsible and mature. There's the Doctor Who Christmas special, which looks like it could be brilliant, I've been watching the repeats on BBC3, I'd forgotten how good the angels episode was and how excellent John Simm is as the Master. His Master and David Tennant's Doctor fit so well together :D. Then there's all the other Christmassy specials, and this Sunday is top gear night, lots of James May to look forward too.

I went to see Russell Howard in October, he was so good, however I went to see him in Kings Lynn, which is deeply Norfolk country and I don't think he quite knew what to make of it, especially with Jon calling it the most racist town you'll ever go to. I've become quite obsessed with their radio show, I love the banter between them.

The last Mighty Boosh episode of series three was on tonight was good, a bit strange watching it with my dad though, but Maddie has well and truly converted him. I managed to get tickets for the live show next year, in Birmingham on Halloween, I'm quite excited, it'll be me, Mads and Ollie. I have no idea how Maddie's going to get to Birmingham, as she has school that day, but hopefully we can wangle it :D


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